July Wrap Up

Cannot believe it’s already August. #boo

I typically read less during the summer, being out and about, but between plane rides and travel (hello audiobooks!) and insomnia… i think I did pretty good! I even read my July Book of the Month (don’t know why I’m so bad at actually reading these.) #winning

Oh and hey, I did start a blog ya know 🙂


JULY READS: Audiobooks: 1  |  eBooks: 6  |  Print Books: 4


Our House by Louise Candlish

I received an advanced copy from Penguin First to Read and overall, a really cool story, great narrative, clever twists – but the abruptness of the ending just made feel like someone got a bit lazy.


I Am Still Alive by Kate Alice Marshall

I received an advanced copy from Penguin First to Read  for this one as well. This was an easy breezy read that had me sucked in front start to finish. The writing is really good and I enjoyed the suspense and found myself rooting for Jess (and Bo the dog!) to survive. A really good book. I would NEVER make it 5 minutes in Alaska!


The Subway Girls by Susie Orman Schnall

I received an advanced copy from NetGalley for The Subway Girls, and it might just be one of my top 5 this year! Read my review here.


The Freedom Club by Cindy Vine

I won a kindle book of The Freedom Club on Goodreads and read it in less than 2 hours.

The story goes really fast and you don’t have much time to digest it all it’s so quick. I think it could be really great if it was longer and more thoroughly thought out, but I applaud Vine for taking a courageous look at bullying and writing something with such a difficult subject.


Campaign Widows by Aimee Agresti

I listened to my FIRST AUDIOBOOK! Thanks to Hoopla (LOVE HOOPLA!) I popped my audiobook cherry and am currently in the middle of my second audiobook. Still not sure how I feel about them, but you can read my review of Campaign Widows here.



I Have Lost My Way by Gayle Forman

I first heard of this at BookCon where I received a sampler of the first few chapters and really liked where the story was going. So I placed a hold at my library and finished it! I enjoyed the story a lot as I was sucked in immediately. I found myself rooting for them all and curious to see how things would turn out. Which was a bit abrupt, and you don’t get many answers, but it’s ultimately satisfying. It’s a tale of young love, both losing it and finding it – while also being a story of friendship and family and how they both can help or harm you. But in the end – it’s a story of finding yourself and who you want to be, and how it is a struggle for almost everyone to get there.


Rust & Stardust by T. Greenwood

Courtesy of NetGalley, I’m trying to find the words for this one and they’re just not there. This book is THAT good. I’m sitting here staring at the cover with the pin and the red ribbon, and trying to figure out how to put into words the love I have for a story so tragic. I found myself holding my breath through almost the whole thing. To say it had all the feels, is overly underestimating. The feels are overflowing and I might not have any feels left. Will add review soon, this one was so incredible.


When God Winks by SQuire Rushnell

Totally not a book I would typically read. I went to visit by bestie in Arizona and she MADE me read it! OK well, there was no gun to my head but let’s just say I skimmed, a lot. The stories are fun, but the “instructions” on how to “make God wink at you?” ummm… really? Review to come soon!


The Boy at the Door by Alex Dahl

I received an advanced copy from Penguin First to Read and Nope. Not feeling it. WAY too much going on, way too many questions and lies and back and forths that it just fueled massive amounts of confusion and exhaustion. I was SO tired from reading this. And then the end, I mean, it was going in one direction and I was like OK, that works – and then it got weird again. Not a fan at all. Not worth the hype IMHO.


The Last Time I Lied by Riley Sager

OMG. This was my July Book of the Month and I LOVED IT! Review to come soon!


Horse by Talley English

I received an advanced copy from Penguin First to Read and it’s a very sad, poetic story of a girl and her horse, and all she endures through a ton of family drama. Review to come.


I’ve got some great ARC’s for August and a trip to Cape Cod that will require plenty of beach reads!

Let me know if you have any good recommendations in the comments.

thanks to goodreads.com for the cover photos!

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