Giveaway and Review: Does it Fart? The Definitive Field Guide to Animal Flatulence by Nick Caruso & Dani Rabaiotti

Admit it – no matter what your age is, you know this makes you giggle. Farts. They’re funny, definitely. I dare you to convince me otherwise. This books is fascinating and kept me thoroughly entertained for a good few hours. It’s short read, but packed full of fun animal facts (not just about farts!) and I guarantee you more than a couple of chuckles along the way!

There’s not a ton of animals that DON’T fart. But there are a few “maybe” and “definitely nos” in here (birds, for one, do not fart). But the facts behind the farts are what makes this book! There’s one animal… I won’t give up what kind, but the fart emitted from a group of these critters on a transport plane, were so bad they actually set off fire alarms and caused an emergency landing! Some animals, like the fish species Herring – use farts as secrets codes to communicate – I swear! While others, as defense mechanisms… I mean, I believe that 100% because nothing makes me jump of the couch faster than a dog fart!

There’s just about every animal in here you can imagine, including my faves, the hippo of course, and dogs, but also some fun ones – like dinosaurs – do they fart?? Well, not anymore – duh! lol

I loved this book – it was great fun – and I really enjoyed reading it. Laughing while learning is the best kind of book. And this one is perfect for both! Can’t wait to read more from these zoologists, ecologists and scientists, who dare to examine and study such a stinky subject – so the rest of us can laugh about it!

Oh, and also – the illustrations are AMAZEBALLS! Ethan Kocak is incredible!

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  • Hardcover: 144 pages
  • Publisher: Hachette Books (April 3, 2018)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0316484156
  • ISBN-13: 978-0316484152

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