The Forgiving Kind by Donna Everhart (Giveaway! & Review)

This book. It’s so, so special. It’s endearing and heartwarming, but also peppered with loss and a bit of magic. Sonny is the most special part about it. Equal parts heroic and vulnerable, her strength is captivating. Her wide-eyed sincere reactions to tragedy and ignorance just warms everything inside of you.

I do hope everyone reads this special story. The writing is stunning and the story wraps you up in it’s arms and doesn’t let go til the final page.


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Martha “Sonny” Creech is 12. It’s 1950’s North Carolina and she’s so very young and cannot fathom life without her family, tending the fields, digging in the dirt with her father, picking cotton with her two older brothers.

Until one day, that life becomes reality when her father is taken from them in a terrible tragedy, and the prospect of losing the farm begins to loom over them.

Her mother must decide how to save the family farm, and gets caught up in a business relationship with a boorish and surly man, who promises to help save the farm. But they may lose everything else they love because of him.

The dynamic between Sonny and her father is charming and sweet. No-one feels the loss more than Sonny as her and her father both shared the special talent of being water diviners – able to find water when it’s most needed simply with instinct, a willow branch and some old fashioned magic.

The kids at school call her “water witch” so she really only shares one special friend, Daniel, who also struggles with his own inner strife, which Sonny tries so desperately hard to understand.

I adored Sonny, and her family – who all react in different ways to the father’s death. The dynamics between every character from start to finish range from terrible sadness to horrific bigotry, but in between – a delightful amount of charm, devotion and admiration for a sweet little girl just trying to be good in a world gone so bad.

Get yourself a copy of this book! It’s incredible! You can get it here.


  • Paperback: 352 pages
  • Publisher: Kensington (January 29, 2019)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1496717007
  • ISBN-13: 978-1496717009


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About the book:

In this masterful new novel, set in 1950s North Carolina, the acclaimed author of The Road to Bittersweet and The Education of Dixie Dupree brings to life an unforgettable young heroine and a moving story of family love tested to its limits.   
For twelve-year-old Martha “Sonny” Creech, there is no place more beautiful than her family’s cotton farm. She, her two brothers, and her parents work hard on their land—hoeing, planting, picking—but only Sonny loves the rich, dark earth the way her father does. When a tragic accident claims his life, her stricken family struggles to fend off ruin—until their rich, reclusive neighbor offers to help finance that year’s cotton crop.

Sonny is dismayed when her mama accepts Frank Fowler’s offer; even more so when Sonny’s best friend, Daniel, points out that the man has ulterior motives. Sonny has a talent for divining water—an ability she shared with her father and earns her the hated nickname “water witch” in school. But uncanny as that skill may be, it won’t be enough to offset Mr. Fowler’s disturbing influence in her world. Even her bond with Daniel begins to collapse under the weight of Mr. Fowler’s bigoted taunts. Though she tries to bury her misgivings for the sake of her mama’s happiness, Sonny doesn’t need a willow branch to divine that a reckoning is coming, bringing with it heartache, violence—and perhaps, a fitting and surprising measure of justice.



About the author:

donnaA USA Today bestselling author of THE EDUCATION OF DIXIE DUPREE, THE ROAD TO BITTERSWEET, and THE FORGIVING KIND, (Kensington, January 29, 2019) Donna Everhart writes stories of family hardship and troubled times in a bygone south. A native of North Carolina, she resides in her home state with her husband and their tiny heart stealing Yorkshire terrier, Mister. Readers can also visit her at




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    1. Oh awesome! I hope you love it too – and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it! It’s a really complicated but sweet story – I loved it!

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