A Dream to Die For by Susan Ritz

What is the craziest dream you’ve ever had?

Imagine that dream coming true.

Or imagine someone stealing that dream.

Me? I imagine myself running like hell if that every happened!

Dreamscape is a cult type organization where it’s members believe that every answer in life can be found in your dreams. Dreams are shared throughout the group to solve individual problems and even can be used to find your perfect soulmate – within the group, of course.

It’s lead by Celeste’s therapist who analyzes and shares the dreams of the entire town. He thinks he is helping. The town idolizes him. To me – the guy seems like a total nutjob.

In Celeste’s case… she seems to have HAD someone else’s dream – and the therapist she’s been seeing ends up gravely injured after she tells him about it. Celeste had been planning to stop seeing him that day for fear of losing her skeptical fiance.

But now that the cult leader has fallen… the entire town is raising the pitchforks, and it seems that everyone is after Celeste.

Who can she trust? Are her dreams coming true? And will she find out what those dreams are trying to tell her before it’s too late?

So, so unique. A really riveting read about the meaning of dreams, a suspenseful mystery, and the power of technology.

I picked it up and was quickly absorbed into a really interesting and engaging story that I couldn’t put down until it was finished!

Thank you to Suzy Approved Book Tours, Susan Ritz and She Writes Press for gifting me with this really fun and clever book!

It’s available today and you can get it here.

And HAPPY PUB DAY to Susan!!


  • Paperback: 256 pages
  • Publisher: She Writes Press (July 16, 2019)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1631525573
  • ISBN-13: 978-1631525575

Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 4.01.29 PM



About the book:

In Riverton Falls, a small New England town, globe-trotting bartender Celeste Fortune stands in her kitchen puzzling over last night’s frightening dream―a woman at a window, lilacs blowing in the breeze, someone’s hands tight around her neck. Celeste is sure the dream belongs to someone else. Perhaps she has finally broken through to the collective dreams of Dreamland cult. Hoping her therapist and cult leader will help her untangle it, she heads off into the cold November morning to her final appointment with him―or so she hopes. Her estranged fiancé has delivered an ultimatum: Leave the cult of Dreamers, or end their relationship for good.

Instead of help, however, Celeste discovers her therapist dying in a pool of blood, skull stove in by his own healing crystal. His computer, containing the intimate dreams and secrets of half the town, is gone. Suspicion immediately falls on Celeste, known to be a rebellious member of his cult. To clear her name, Celeste enlists the help of her old friend, Gloria. But when the two women discover the power of the stolen dreams, they unwittingly become the killer’s next target.


About Susan:

sritzSusan Ritz grew up in Minnesota, but she left home to become a wandering scholar; she lived, studied, and worked as a social worker in Kenya, Japan, Singapore, and Indonesia in the 1970s. She worked as a human rights lobbyist in Washington, DC, during the Carter Administration before moving to Dachau, Germany, the setting for her memoir in progress, On the Edge of Dachau. For the past thirty years, she has lived with her husband and three children in Montpelier, Vermont, where she has worked as a fundraiser, events coordinator, and philanthropic advisor for a wide range of nonprofit organizations, especially those promoting economic equality for women. Writing, however, has always been her passion, and after receiving an MFA in creative nonfiction from Goucher College, she began writing for local publications, teaching creative writing to adults and high school students, and working on her first novel, A Dream to Die For.


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5 thoughts on “A Dream to Die For by Susan Ritz

    1. Oh of course! Thank you! The book is great – so fun, and unique – and I’ve been telling everyone about it!!


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