September Wrap Up

And just like that – it’s Fall.

September literally went from 95 degrees to 60 degrees overnight and I am not ready for it! Summer was not long enough and I’m not done with my beach reads! But I will accept the spooky October thrillers and zip it.

September was like a pot luck dinner.

A varied assortment of genres and mediums.⁣.. a reading smorgasbord!

17 books total… my top 3 were:⁣

✨Every Thing You Are⁣
✨Toil & Trouble⁣
✨Generation Friends⁣

But to be honest – they were all pretty damn good!⁣

September 2019 Reads:

Audiobooks 2  |  EBooks 5  |  Print 10

43889827._SX98_The Second Chance Supper Club by Nicole Meier

A really sweet story of second chances, starting over and FOOD!

A lot of fun to read. Loved all the characters. Review Coming Soon!


43263491._SX98_Toil & Trouble by Augusten Burroughs

I always enjoy reading about people who have special abilities. And when it’s combined with hilarious stories of serial killer trees, washed up opera singers, a plant hospital, rambunctious Great Dane puppies, and satanic beavers… ⁣⁣well let’s just say this book has me under it’s spell.⁣⁣

43263520._SX98_The Grace Year by Kim Liggett

I am in the minority here, I think. I liked this one – I didn’t love it like everyone else seems to. I thought it was a little scattered. I got a little bored in parts. I wanted more of what went on in the Grace Year, a bit more backstory (how did we get here?!) a little more character development and less bratty teenage girls. I’m just thinking maybe books about oppressed women isn’t my thing? But I’m sure you will love it, cause I’m like he only person on the planet who doesn’t.

43889821._SX98_Every Thing You Are by Kerry Anne King

Totally related to this book in so many ways. Love the story.

Read my full review here.


48058724._SX98_Flying Alone by Beth Ruggiero York

I picked this one up because Beth has MS and I have several friends and family members who are affected by this disease. I thought it would help me understand a little more of what they go through. What I read was so much more enlightening. Beth is bad ass. She flies planes. She has done some really rad things DESPITE having MS. So I got a whole different perspective and in my opinion, a better one.Review Coming Soon!

47813743._SX98_Starfish by Lisa Becker

A really fun rock star romance! A story of a girl who goes on tour with a rock band (total Almost Famous vibes!) and falls for one of the band members. Loved it. Review Coming Soon!



Stranger on the Beach by Michele Campbell

This book was WILD! I think I might need to see someone because I might be going crazy. This book makes you question EVERYTHING. I honestly felt like my brain was going a bit bonkers from the very beginning, and as each chapter puts you in the head of the two main characters, you question everyone’s sanity along with your own.

43245864._SX98_The Nanny by Gilly Macmillan

A creepy thriller about a nanny who just disappears and then year and years later a skeleton is found in the lake… hello Halloween vibes!

Check out my full review here!

47795244._SX98_The Rubicus Prophecy by Alane Adams

Abigail Tarkana from the Witches of Orkney series is definitely my new favorite! HUGE fan of this series – super fun with a bit of Harry Potter feels, mixed with Norse mythology and a heavy dose of some serious Girl Power!⁣ The sequel to The Blue Witch – just a great as the first book!

43334099._SX98_Deep Water Blues by Fred Waitzkin

By the author of Searching for Bobby Fischer A Bahamian island becomes a battleground for a savage private war. There is a LOT going on in this little book. A fast paced story with GORGEOUS illustrations!

45554014._SX98_The Language of Divorce by Leanne Treese

I loved this book about a divorce! I hope you’ll check this one out! It’s root is ultimately a beautiful love story and it was quite the enjoyable read.⁣

Full Review is here!

42402114._SX98_Saturday’s Child by Deborah Burns

A fascinating look at Deborah’s life under the shadow of her glamorous mom and how she realizes that her mother may not be who she though she was and her journey to understand her. A really interesting memoir!


The Murder List by Hank Phillippi Ryan

This book is an incredibly detailed and interwoven masterpiece of shocking twists and glorious turns. ⁣Flawless. I was just as shocked at the ending of this one – as I was at how genius the story unfolded. Not one detail goes unnoticed, not one thing goes unanswered. It’s a complex and captivating story that is oh, so satisfying!⁣

44786054._SX98_Generation Friends by Saul Austerlitz

Could I BE any more of Friends fan based on THIS REVIEW???

Loved it!


43063328._SX98_Her Daughter’s Mother by Daniela Petrova

Loved this crazy thriller! A couples egg donor goes missing and everyone starts to question everything they thought they knew!

Check out my full review here!

36217426._SX98_29 Seconds by T.M. Logan

Everyone has a name to give. Don’t they?

What if you could make your worst enemy disappear?
No consequences. No trace. No one would ever find out. Just make one, quick, tiny, 29-second phone call. So fun!

13547180._SX98_Brain on Fire by Susannah Cahalan

WOW. This story just makes my brain hurt.

And it’s about Susannahs brain. And what she went though – which you will not believe but it is ALL TRUE. Fascinating.


Did I read any of your favorites? See anything on your TBR here?⁣

Happy Fall Ya’ll! And Happy October Reading!


6 thoughts on “September Wrap Up

    1. Thanks! Yes, it definitely reminded me of a lot of things, Handmaids, Hunger Games, Lord of the Flies, The Village…. so many!


  1. I’m really looking forward to reading The Grace Year! I thought it had a bit of a fairytale-ring to it, what with the girls being set loose in a forest and having to survive the beasts (and each other 😅)

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