White Knight by John H. Cunningham

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So, if you’ve been following along for a bit here, you know I LOVE me some Buck Reilly! Part Indiana Jones, part Jimmy Buffet — Buck Reilly can save me anytime!

The Buck Reilly Adventure series is racking up quite the collection – this is his 8th book in the series! I still need to go back and read a bunch of the early ones, but you can certainly read these on their own! They are fun, fast-paced adventures you’ll want to read in one sitting and you can always count on Buck to take you along for a wild ride!

“White Knight is an island-hopping adventure, with a cast of characters as colorful as you would expect to find in the middle of the Caribbean, and international intrigue that carries both personal and professional implications for Buck Reilly.” Lisa Black, NYT Bestselling author of forensic thrillers, including the Gardiner-Renner series

In this one – Buck is minding his own business spearfishing in the Virgin Islands when a helicopter is struck down by a rocket and he pulls out the only person left alive. Who just happens to be the First Lady of France. Not a bad a catch of the day, huh?

But somethings up. She’s cautious, and doesn’t want the police involved. Could her husband and his security team be the ones behind her attempted murder?

What follows is a series of Caribean Island hopping escapades chock full of mystery, danger, explosions, passion, and revenge, all rolled up into one extremely fun quest for the truth.

“White Knight brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘Buck Wild!’ Without a doubt, this is the best Buck Reilly adventure yet!” Don Rich, author of the Coastal Adventure series and the Mid Atlantic Adventure series

I dare you to try a Buck Reilly story and not get sucked in by this charming and unexpected hero.

I challenge you to check out these fun stories and not wish you were on a tropical island swigging a beer and listening to Buffet.

And I hope that you’ll give White Knight the chance it deserves. It a hefty plate of non-stop twists and daring turns, with a salty breeze of colorful characters, and a plot as strong as a cool shot of Caribbean rum.

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  • Series: Buck Reilly Adventure Series (Book 8)
  • Paperback: 278 pages
  • Publisher: Greene Street, LLC (August 30, 2019)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0998796557
  • ISBN-13: 978-0998796550


Check out my last review of Book 7 in the Buck Reilly Adventure series SILVER GOODBYE here.

About the book

51DD7xGV-eL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgBuck Reilly’s vacation in the Virgin Islands goes downhill fast when he witnesses a helicopter crash over the Francis Drake Channel. Buck races to the rescue, but the lone survivor–a beautiful woman–has amnesia. When Buck learns the woman is Giselle Huibert, the First Lady of France, who fled her husband while at the G8 Summit on St. Thomas for reasons she cannot remember, Buck has no choice but to try and help her. However, Giselle refuses to let him call the police–even when it becomes clear that men intending to kill them are hot on their trail.

When Giselle remembers the horrifying assault she witnessed her husband and his head of security commit, and the events that led to her helicopter crashing, she and Buck are forced to flee throughout the Virgin Islands, with no one to trust but a group of unlikely heroes.

Fueled by their mutual passion, revenge against her husband, and their quest for the truth, Buck and Giselle turn the tables on their pursuers, but the final showdown rocks them to their core and challenges everything they believed to be true.


About John H. Cunningham

image3John H. Cunningham is the author of the best selling, seven book, Buck Reilly adventure series, which includes Red Right Return, Green to Go, Crystal Blue, Second Chance Gold, Maroon Rising, Free Fall to Black, Silver Goodbye and White Knight.

Through the years, John has been a bouncer at a Key West nightclub, a diver, pilot, magazine editor, commercial developer, song writer and global traveler. He has either lived in or visited the many island locations that populate the series, and has experienced or witnessed enough craziness and wild times to keep the Buck Reilly series flowing. John mixes fact with fiction and often includes real people in his novels, like Jimmy Buffett, Chris Blackwell, Matt Hoggatt, Thom Shepherd, Dave McKenney, Keith Sykes, Marius Stakelborough, Bruno Magras and Bankie Banx to augment the reader’s experience.

Adhering to the old maxim, “write what you know,” John’s books have an authenticity and immediacy that have earned a loyal following and strong reviews. Buck Reilly is a reflection of us all, including our frailties, strengths, dreams, fears, successes, failures, mistakes and occasional victories. No government agency, team of soldiers, unlimited cash, or secret agents are coming to Buck’s rescue, because, well they’re not coming to rescue us either, are they?

John lives in Virginia and Key West, and spends much of his time traveling. His choices for the places and plots that populate the Buck Reilly series include many subjects that he loves: Key West, Cuba, Jamaica, and multiple Caribbean settings, along with amphibious aircraft, colorful characters, and stories that concern themselves with the same tensions and issues that affect all of our lives.

Visit him and learn about his other awesome books here:

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/johnhcunningham

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/johnhcunningham/

Twitter https://twitter.com/JH_Cunningham



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