Gather As You Go by Carol Lavin Bernick

Did you ever go to the bookstore or library for books to help you achieve something in a certain time of life? We’ve all been there…

For Example:

– You’re getting married. Let’s go check out the wedding planning books and magazines!

– I want to start a business! Where do I start? I need some reference books to help!

– My home decor is so out of date! Fresh ideas are a must!

And so much more. How can I organize better? Can I really be a better mom? Am I doing ANYTHING right?

I feel like this is Pinterest in book form. It’s advice for just about EVERYTHING.

Part memoir, part self help, part reference – all inspiration! ⁣

The photos and illustrations in Gather as You Go are a feast for the eyes. I couldn’t stop staring at every page and had a hard time putting it down.

The book is chock full of practical and useful life lessons that Carol Lavin Bernick has gathered herself over the years – having been a corporate chairman, a successful businesswoman, a product creator & marketing expert, a philanthropist, and a working mom.⁣

Good things have happened as well as a bunch of rough stuff, and there are lessons to learn from each. If I share the “wisdoms,” maybe I can help other people. The idea is to pass it on. This is all about sharing and learning, and I hope that if you take just a couple of things from this book that are meaningful to you, your life might be a little stronger, better, happier or healthier – or you may just think a little differently about what life throws at you.” – C.L.B.

It’s broken down into 10 easily digestible chapters – that provide her thoughts, insights and wisdom on a variety of subjects including business, family, weddings & parties, home decoration & organization, and oh, so much more!

  • Business
  • Making a Difference
  • Home Decor
  • Tough Times
  • Celebrations
  • Gathered Wisdom
  • Memories & Gifting
  • Illness
  • Family
  • Quotes
  • And more!

As a business owner, chapter one really spoke to me and definitely gave me some new ideas for shaping the future of my company. And I loved the home decor ideas to freshen up my home for Spring! ⁣

I’m not sure you could absorb all of the info packed into this substantial book (455 pages!) in one sitting, and it even has a ribbon bookmark attached to mark you favorite spots or where you left off to return to later! You’re going to want to savor this one and share it with friends!⁣

An ideal gift and the perfect coffee table book – you can gather the info as you go, and never run out of informative and inspiring information!⁣

Thank you to Suzy Approved Book Tours and Carol Lavin Bernick for my gifted copy! ⁣

You can get your copy here!

Net proceeds from the sales of Gather As You Go support Enchanted Backpack, a Chicago-area nonprofit founded by the Lavin and Bernick families with the belief that all children deserve to have the tools they need to learn and excel.


  • Hardcover: 455 pages
  • Publisher: Self-published; 1st edition (2018)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 069297492X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0692974926



About The Book:

Corporate chairman. Successful businesswoman. Creator of new products. Marketing expert. Philanthropist. Working mom. A family life that produced many moments to celebrate and a few serious ones to grieve. Thought leader Carol Lavin Bernick, drawing from her extensive life and work experiences, shares 300+ highly engaging, inspirational stories in her memoir, Gather As You Go – Sharing Lessons Learned Along the Way. Through her insights, thoughts, and wisdom, she provides people of all ages practical advice to enjoy a more resilient, positive, and productive life. Rather than writing several books, Bernick chose to create one, self-help book imparting easily digestible short stories of her experiences for people with crazy, busy lives. Gather As You Go is part business book – sharing stories from her thirty-seven years at the Alberto Culver Company and encompassing new product development, branding, the company’s cultural overhaul she led, and the challenges in a family-owned business. It’s also part family focused – with advice on raising great kids as a working mom, losing loved ones – one to drugs and one to cancer, and the challenges of and solutions to helping elderly parents. It’s also part coffee table and lifestyle book – providing tips on designing, building and decorating homes; entertaining, throwing great parties and weddings; and creating meaningful and major charitable efforts to make communities stronger through philanthropy. Gather As You Go covers a lot of ground. Organized into 10 chapters that take the form of quick, informative and empowering life lessons and reflections, each chapter features introductory thoughts from well-respected people speaking to their own expertise. With its beautiful photographs and artful illustrations, this substantive, 455-page book is a must-have. From Millennial to Baby Boomer, readers will find Bernick’s teachings to be authentic, tried-and-true, sincere, and down-to-earth.

About The Author: 

After more than 30 years in the C-suite of international conglomerate Alberto Culver, Carol Lavin Bernick has mastered the boardroom. As Executive Chairperson, she instituted a corporate culture overhaul that propelled the company forward and was profiled in the Harvard Business Review. Her strength as an executive is matched equally by her commitment to family, community and philanthropy. She spends her time supporting organizations close to her heart, including serving as immediate past chair of Northwestern Memorial Healthcare. She also serves on the boards of Northwestern University and Tulane University (she was appointed chair-elect of the Board of Tulane this past April), the Chicago Community Trust, and many others. In 2005, Bernick was named National Working Mother of the Year by the Moms in Business Network.

She recently published a collection of her insights entitled Gather As You Go: Sharing Lessons Learned Along The Way. Bernick shares her wisdom on topics from leadership and branding to civic engagement and raising kids as a working mom to assisting older parents, celebrations, decorating and more. She hopes the book will inspire people of all ages and lifestyles with ideas that are helpful, thought-provoking and encouraging.

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