The Nature of Nature by Enric Sala

How important is nature to you?⁣⁣
If you like eating, and breathing, and showering… it should be a top priority!⁣⁣
The Nature of Nature is described as “ecology for people in a hurry”⁣⁣
If you’re interested in nature but the science language and technical terms bog you down… this book is for you!⁣⁣

In this inspiring manifesto, an internationally renowned ecologist

makes a clear case for why protecting nature is our best health insurance,

and why it makes economic sense.

⁣⁣Learn things like:⁣⁣
🌿 The importance of whale poop⁣⁣
🌿 There is an entire ecosystem in your belly⁣⁣
🌿 Why we cannot live without predators like wolves and sharks⁣⁣
🌿 There is a river in New Zealand that has been granted “personhood”⁣⁣
🌿 Seeds can lay dormant for hundreds of years⁣⁣
🌿 Forget social networking… fungal networks are where it’s at!⁣⁣
🌿 A healthy, natural world is our best anti-virus plan (hello COVID?!)⁣⁣

There are so many fascinating stories, historical facts, interesting studies and devastating tales of extinction and loss that are all focused on in this book to set a tone of concern – but the book is also filled with hope.

Enric Sala is inspiring as he compiles decades of research to stress the importance of saving our planet for so many reasons: ecological, economic, even emotional.

And he structures the book in an easy to follow narrative that explains how every living thing on the fact of this planet is important to our survival, and how saving nature, can save us all.

I’ll never look at nature the same after reading this book and I encourage everyone to pick this up.

We MUST see ourselves as part of nature, not masters of it. There are plenty of tips on how we can reduce all the harmful things we do, because everything we count on to live (water, food, air) is built upon a healthy, natural world.⁣⁣

“Nature does not rush, but she always gets things done.”⁣⁣

Thank you to @tlcbooktours @natgeo and @enricsala for the gifted book.

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  • Item Weight : 1.3 pounds
  • Hardcover : 256 pages
  • ISBN-10 : 1426221010
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1426221019
  • Publisher : National Geographic (August 25, 2020)


About The Nature of Nature

51Z9uL52IzL._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_Enric Sala wants to change the world–and in this compelling book, he shows us how. Once we appreciate how nature works, he asserts, we will understand why conservation is economically wise and essential to our survival.

Here Sala, director of National Geographic’s Pristine Seas project (which has succeeded in protecting more than 5 million sq km of ocean), tells the story of his scientific awakening and his transition from academia to activism–as he puts it, he was tired of writing the obituary of the ocean. His revelations are surprising, sometimes counterintuitive: More sharks signal a healthier ocean; crop diversity, not intensive monoculture farming, is the key to feeding the planet.

Using fascinating examples from his expeditions and those of other scientists, Sala shows the economic wisdom of making room for nature, even as the population becomes more urbanized. In a sober epilogue, he shows how saving nature can save us all, by reversing conditions that led to the coronavirus pandemic and preventing other global catastrophes. With a foreword from Prince Charles and an introduction from E. O. Wilson, this powerful book will change the way you think about our world–and our future.

About Enric Sala

61SZtnO0RZL._SY200_ENRIC SALA is a marine ecologist and National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence dedicated to restoring the health and productivity of the ocean. He is widely recognized for his worldwide conservation efforts, based on solid observational and experimental research, combined with strategic communications and policy discussions. Previously a professor at the prestigious Scripps Institution of Oceanography in California, he founded National Geographic Pristine Seas, a global project that combines exploration, research, and storytelling to inspire leaders and communities to protect the last wild places in the ocean. To date, Pristine Seas has helped to create 22 marine reserves encompassing almost 6 million square kilometers of ocean, more than half the area of all 50 United States.

Find out more about Enric at his website, and connect with him on Instagram and Twitter.


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