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i love:

reading all the things, making all the things, and eating all the things.


sedaris | king | sager | hannah | bleeker | hosseini

i’m a graphic designer:

i will read a book just because it has a pretty cover.

but i will also read your book even if it has an ugly cover.

i will also help you redesign your ugly cover,

and make it a pretty cover. #winsallaround

my book club includes:

my mom, and a neurotic rescue pup named moose.

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hippos make me happy.


send me your book and i would be super stoked to review!

i promise to be spoiler-free, respectful and give my honest opinion.

i don’t do stars in my reviews (except on goodreads + amazon, sometimes)

i just tell you what i liked, and what i didn’t like. #thatsallthatmatters

will feature good reviews on all social media (i may even bookstagram or tweet it!), as well as goodreads, amazon (top-reviewer and influencer), and sometimes, librarything.

let’s chat.