I love to read. And I read A LOT. However, I am starting to accept the fact that I will never be able to read all the books in the world, that I would like to in my lifetime!

So, I am particularly picky with what I accept for review requests.

I get hundreds of review requests every month and am physically unable to respond to every single one! My full time job that actually pays my bills has me already buried in emails, so please do not take offense if you don’t hear from me. I just have to pick and choose what speaks to me.

Please also, keep in mind as well that reviews take a lot of time, and while I do review most everything on Goodreads, I typically only share reviews of books I love elsewhere. Blog post reviews and custom Instagram photo reviews are only done if I’m inspired or feel an immense need to share a book.

So unless we’ve specifically come to a predetermined mutual agreement about timing for a review or a specific date of a blog post or Instagram feature (which I typically only do with Publishers or Blog Tour companies) I will review on my own time.

I will accept your book as a *gift to possibly review/post and read your book in the order it was received (and as my mood allows) and review when finished – where I deem appropriate.  I do not guarantee that it will be read or posted immediately and I also reserve the right to not post a review should I not feel comfortable doing so or because I’ve run out of time, had no real interesting thoughts to share about it, or unfortunately maybe, just did not like it.

Reading shouldn’t have rules, or pressure. Please, also, do not pressure me after you have sent me your book to ask “Are you done yet!?” Just, no.

I read for fun and I will always make sure it stays fun, so I need to adhere to these rules as strictly as possible in order to keep it that way!

Thank you!

* I will never accept money for a review. And I will always review honestly.