October Wrap Up

Hello November! October was a so-so month for me for reading. I had a few books I struggled though. I almost quit on one, but I had high hopes it would redeem itself in the end (spoiler alter – it didn’t).

I finished 2 audiobooks in October! A new record! I’m still not sure how I feel about listening to books. I feel like I pay more attention if I’m actually reading and I absorb much more as well. I don’t think you get as much out of listening to a book as you do actually committing and sitting down and reading it – because you can’t do anything else when you read – so no distractions. I also think that while I might dislike an audiobook, I might have loved the book read in my own voice in my head. Narrators can make or break a book.

Three fun things that happened in October:

  1. I hit my Goodreads 2018 challenge goal! (again) It was 50. When I hit that in May, I upped it to 100 – which I hit last week!! I’ve now gone up to 125 … which I hope to hit before the end of the year!Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at 2.07.19 PM
  2. BookSharks featured one of my photos in their newsletter in the Shark Spotlight section! That’s my photo top left! Mary Kubica’s When the Lights Go Out. I love being a #BookShark! Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 9.40.16 AM
  3. BookishFirst featured one of my reviews again on their website! It’s my second Top Reviewer award from them! It’s for The Dream Daughter by Diane Chamberlain – which I raved about here.Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 12.01.39 PM


OCTOBER READS: Audiobooks: 2  |  eBooks: 5  |  Print Books: 7


The Royal Runaway by Lindsay Emory

38532225THIS is the princess book I’ve always wanted to read! The usual fluff, and jewels and gowns and balls? NOT part of this story! This book has some serious girl-power, with a kick-a$$ princess who is seriously OVER being just that. Meet Thea, Princess bad-A$$ of Dreiden, who takes no BS, charts her own path, and just might save some lives in the process, all the while taking charge of her own Happily Ever After. Loved it!


My Squirrel Days by Ellie Kemper

38532145I am convinced she is EXACTLY like her character, Kimmy Schmidt. Cheerful, naive, and adorable. And I will carry that with me forever! It took me a bit to get into the book – I really don’t follow bios well, when its about childhood or mom stuff – but I devoured the celebrity scoops and interactions and this book is chock full of them. I STRONGLY suggest getting the audiobook for this one. I read this in my head, with her voice – and I just think Ellie telling her own story, in her own voice, full or snark and wit and charm would be the icing on the cake that is her sweet, sugary life story!


When the Lights Go Out by Mary Kubica

36513009I finally did it! Don’t know WHY it took me so long, but this is my very first Mary Kubica book, and I decided to give it a go with Book Sparks Fall Reading Challenge – and Hello Mary! Nice to meet you and where the heck have you been all my life! I loved When the Lights Go Out! I decided to check out the audiobook for this one – and I think that was a really good choice. The narrators (Julia Whelan and Jayme Mattler) were probably the exact picks I would have chosen for the voices of Eden and Jessie. I was riveted by both their stories from the very beginning, and Kubica is insanely good at keeping you guessing the whole way though. A great psychological thriller.


The Reluctant Healer by Andrew Himmel

38902956I read this with an open mind, and because of that – I found it fun, and fascinating and imagined, what would I do myself – if put in the same situation. Beliefs aside, if this just happened to you – what would you do? The Reluctant Healer was really thought provoking and interesting, with a great cast of characters from across all spans of beliefs and uncertainty. An impressive debut. Check out my review here.


Bridge of Clay by Marcus Zusak

7767276Well, that didn’t go well. I did everything I could to get an ARC of this – the newest from Markus Zusak, author of the infamous, The Book Thief – his first book in almost 13 years since the publishing of one of the country’s favorite novels. And I succeeded – I got one! A few months back, I snagged an advanced copy and my whole year was made! And then I read it. and read it. and read it. And it went on. and on. and on. See where I’m going here? The writing style is somewhat similar to that of The Book Thief. It’s VERY hard to to get into this in the beginning, but I don’t feel like it ever gets easier – and it never got better. I’m really just not so sure what more to even say about it. Not a fan.


Life and Separate by Marilyn Simon Rothstein

30172760Marilyn Simon Rothstein is becoming one of my favorite authors – her writing is sharp and fun and witty and I feel like when I read her books I can always be assured that I’ll enjoy myself immensely and I’m always left wanting more! I breeze through her books as if I was spending the perfect summer day with my best friend. There’s not thinking or dragging, just an easy relaxing day, reading a great book. I loved this book so much. I also ADORED Husbands and Other Sharp Objects. I actually think I liked her second book more so – which is SUPER lucky for us – because you know what that means?
Marilyn Simon Rothstein is just getting better and better!


Fame by Justine Bateman


Raise your hand if you LOVED Family Ties as a kid! And had a crush on Alex P. Keaton? And wanted TO BE Mallory!?! Justine Bateman was an idol of mine in the 80’s. If I could be like her, or look like her, I pressed my parents to give me a sister just like her! But I got stuck with a brother. Boo! Check out my review here.



Something in the Water by Catherine Steadman

36388243I think I need to stop reading books just because they’re all over bookstagram, or blogs, or endorsed by celebrities. I find that they just aren’t ever my favorites. This one included… it started off REALLY slow… I kept waiting for the water in the beginning. And the something that was in it. Finally, it happened, and OK, yea, I can get behind this I guess… good mystery, interesting premise. BUT I figured it all out in the first 100 pages, and I was pretty accurate with my assumption. A lot of questions go unanswered and I think this could have used a lot more editing. But fun, nonetheless.


Does it Fart by Nick Caruso and Dani Rabaiotti

35295383Admit it – no matter what your age is, you know this makes you giggle. Farts. They’re funny, definitely. I dare you to convince me otherwise. This books is fascinating and kept me thoroughly entertained for a good few hours. It’s short read, but packed full of fun animal facts (not just about farts!) and I guarantee you more than a couple of chuckles along the way! Check out my review here.


Cross Her Heart by Sarah Pinborough

37486235It’s been a long time since I was so riveted by a book that I cancelled plans! THIS was definitely deserving of a wine and pizza night vs. girls night out! (haha sorry ladies!) I was thoroughly impressed with how dark and disturbing the suspense was, and rarely anymore do I question ‘whodunit’. This book had me shocked at twists and turns, entranced by the suspense, and thoroughly creeped out at the intricate mind games. An awesome thriller – highly recommend!


Mammoth by Jill Baguchinsky

38769727SUCH a sweet book! I’ve been finding myself really enjoying YA books these days! They are definitely getting better and better, and the messages in some of them are so strong, and heartfelt, and important. THIS book, is not an exception to that. Jill Baguchinsky crafts an adorable story of self discovery and self love, and it’s so easily relatable for anyone who has every not felt like they fit in, or lacked self-confidence. Thankfully, although Natalie has some major insecurities, and struggles to maintain a fabulous facade every day – we find that inside, she IS more fabulous that she gives herself credit for and is an overall really kicka$$ chick with the normal teenage insecurities that plague (or have plagued) the best of us!


After the Fire by Will Hill

37789683I am obsessed anything and everything that is cultish or organized crazy… From Waco, to Scientology to anything organized by a bunch of whackos. This books is AWESOME. Following a brave little girl whose life gets turned upside down after the only life she knew was inside a fence under the watchful eye of Father John. She is now Outside – where she was taught everything evil lives. This reminded me a bit of Waco – where a crazy man, drunk with power convinces his followers he’s messenger of a higher power and they must follow everything he says and does, give him all their money, never go Outside … fascinating and so freaky!


The Trauma Cleaner by Sarah Krasnostein

34964868I SO wanted to love this book. There are certain occupations that fascinate me and being a trauma cleaner is definitely one of them! I love books that delve into the grotesque jobs of funeral workers, homicide detectives and forensics specialists, Coroners and ER docs… No-one likes to talk about stuff like this, it makes people squeamish and is a bit taboo. But I love it. Call me gross or weird… but give me a gory thriller over a happy love story any day!


Curse of Pearl by Jay Dowski

36412088Happy Halloween book friends! This Halloween short story is free on Kindle! Jay sent me a copy last week to post on my blog – and I soared through it- equally spooky, creepy and mysterious, Curse of Pearl follows a boy named Daniel who has just lost everything. His parents died in a car accident and he’s sent to live with an aunt her barely knows on Long Island… I won’t delve too much into the plot as it’s only about 50 pages long – but it definitely takes a chilling turn and gets super weird and spooky! Definitely grab this one! It’s a fun read for Halloween!


Have a great November book friends!


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