Plastic by Frank Strausser

Would you ever get plastic surgery? Or have you!? I actually have! Not for the reason you'd think - I ended up slicing my eyelid open when I was 14 during a freak accident in a grocery store. True story - I swear. So I needed my eyelid fixed by a surgeon. I'd like to … Continue reading Plastic by Frank Strausser

We Met in December by Rosie Curtis

Thank you to @tlcbooktours and @williammorrowbooks for the gifted book! ⁣⁣ Do plan on reading any holiday books this season? I do, but I decided to start with this one which is more “seasonal” than holiday… but still just as fun! “Curtis has a gift for capturing complex emotion and both romantic and platonic intimacy. The witty dialogue, … Continue reading We Met in December by Rosie Curtis