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Agatha Arch is Afraid of Everything by Kristin Bair

👀 Peek a boo! ⁣👀⁣Oh, don’t mind my friend Agatha here. She’s not spying on you.⁣⁣Since she found her husband in the shed bonking the dog walker, she’s become a bit… unhinged?⁣⁣Getting sprayed by a skunk, the town interloper, and a not-so-friendly moms Facebook group is not helping her case.⁣⁣Her Shrinky Dink can’t change that … Continue reading Agatha Arch is Afraid of Everything by Kristin Bair

National Geographic Family Reference Atlas of the World (5th Edition)

If you could safely get away to anywhere in the world right now … where would you go?⁣⁣I’d definitely go somewhere tropical and secluded, but not so secluded I can’t get a cocktail on the beach!⁣⁣I am a HUGE fan of the environment. I mean, it’s pretty important right? I love National Geographic, and all … Continue reading National Geographic Family Reference Atlas of the World (5th Edition)

Black Fatigue by Mary-Frances Winters

“Then is now.”⁣⁣Do you know about Black fatigue? It’s the stress of living while Black. Racism is physically and psychologically making Black people sick.⁣⁣Centuries of willful disregard for Black lives is taking a toll, and Black fatigue is becoming a public health emergency.⁣⁣“White people just think it’s normal to be in control of everything and … Continue reading Black Fatigue by Mary-Frances Winters

Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Are you reading all the spooky books 👻 this month?⁣⁣This is one of my favorites of the year, and I highly recommend adding it to your list!⁣⁣Deliciously creepy and nightmarishly atmospheric, Mexican Gothic is a slow burn of epic grotesqueness and glamorous delusions, in an insanely captivating and chilling setting. ⁣⁣ “It’s Lovecraft meets the … Continue reading Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia