The Secret Stealers by Jane Healey

If you were a spy, what would be your special skill?

I work in design, so maybe falsifying documents or something?

But in reality, I’d probably most excel at providing the snacks and keeping out of the way!⁣

If you know my book love history, you are aware of my undying love for The Beantown Girls!

And my friend Jane Healey has done it once again!⁣

“As realistic and heart-wrenching as The Secret Stealers is, it highlights the bravery and strength of the participants, of both genders, and reignites a faith in humanity.” 

Mystery & Suspense Magazine

The Secret Stealers is another riveting story of some insanely talented women who played significant roles during WW2. Anna – a courageous and plucky newly appointed American spy stationed in Nazi occupied France – may be a fictitious character, but the history behind her adrenaline filled story, and what these brave women endured – is very real.⁣⁣

Rich in historical facts and details, we also get heavy doses of female friendship, second chance romance, edge-of-your-seat suspense and unparalleled danger.

This tale of female badassery checks all the boxes, and runs the gamut of emotions from start to finish.

The Secret Stealers brings to life the fascinating―and often overlooked―stories of female spies during World War II. Impeccably researched, Healey’s novel immerses you in a world of secrets and treachery, right up to the heart-pounding conclusion.” 

―Elizabeth Blackwell, author of Red Mistress

⁣⁣It’s an inspiring and captivating read that may break your heart a little bit along the way, but as a tribute to these heroic and gutsy women – you’ll find it is ultimately repaired with joy and overwhelming respect.⁣

THE SECRET STEALERS is in stores March 16, 2020, but you can grab it now here as an an editors’ Amazon First Reads pick for March! That means it’s free on Kindle this month for Prime members and just $1.99 for non-Prime.

Thank you Suzy Approved Book Tours & Amazon Publishing / Lake Union Publishing for the gifted book.⁣

  • Publisher : Lake Union Publishing (April 1, 2021)
  • Language : English
  • Paperback : 443 pages
  • ISBN-10 : 1542023556
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1542023559

About the Book:

A female American spy in Nazi-occupied France finds purpose behind enemy lines in a novel of unparalleled danger, love, and daring by the Amazon Charts bestselling author of The Beantown Girls.

Anna Cavanaugh is a restless young widow and brilliant French teacher at a private school in Washington, DC. Everything changes when she’s recruited into the Office of Strategic Services by family friend and legendary WWI hero Major General William Donovan.

Donovan has faith in her―and in all his “glorious amateurs” who are becoming Anna’s fast friends: Maggie, Anna’s down-to-earth mentor; Irene, who’s struggling to find support from her husband for her clandestine life; and Julia, a cheerful OSS liaison. But the more Anna learns about the organization’s secret missions, the more she longs to be stationed abroad. Then comes the opportunity: go undercover as a spy in the French Resistance to help steal critical intelligence that could ultimately turn the tide of the war.

Dispatched behind enemy lines and in constant danger, Anna is filled with adrenaline, passion, and fear. She’s driven to make a difference―for her country and for herself. Whatever the risk, she’s willing to take it to help liberate France from the shadows of occupation and to free herself from the shadows of her former life.

About Jane:

Jane Healey shares a home north of Boston with her husband, two daughters, and two cats. When she’s not writing historical fiction, she enjoys running, reading, cooking and going to the beach. 

When my daughters were born, I left a career in high tech to become a freelance writer. My passion for historical fiction became my new career when my first novel THE SATURDAY EVENING GIRLS CLUB was published in 2017. With the release of THE BEANTOWN GIRLS in 2019, I continued to fulfill my dream of writing lesser known stories of women in history. 

I live outside of Boston with my two teen daughters, two idiotic cats and one amazing husband. I like reading, running, cooking, going to the beach and drinking lots of coffee.

My upcoming novel THE SECRET STEALERS is based on the true stories of the women of the Office of Strategic Services, the precursor to the CIA, during World War II. It will be released in March 2021.”

For more information on the author, her upcoming events or to schedule a virtual book club visit: 

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube


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